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The Best Family Karate School in Epping

Karate Belt

Personalized Lesson Plans

How You Can Benefit

With our Personalized Lesson Plans, students have the chance to exercise their mind in ways they never have before. We use only the best, and most advanced teaching methods to activate the minds of our students, and help them absorb all of the information presented. Learn and have fun all at the same time with Tsuru Kai Martial Arts.

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Principle Instructor, Kyoshi Bill Suckling 7th dan.

Victorian head referee


We respect the individual needs of all our students and believe that with the right guidance and direction, each one can make their dreams come true. Our mission is to educate students in such a way that they create active dialogue between one another, and where they ask tough and profound questions about the topics and their own understanding.

Imparting Knowledge

About the School

Tsuru Kai Martial Arts seeks to enhance the development of our students throughout their entire educational experience. Established in Epping for over 40 years, our staff is made up of a group of talented and creative professionals, who are fully accredited and are Victorian Government WWC qualified and passionate about providing the best Karate School in Epping. We offer the tools and support necessary for our students to reach their full potential. Do you want to learn at our Karate School? Get in touch with us today.

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Our Affiliations

We support and attend ISKA tournaments locally, interstate and internationally. The International Sport Karate Association is the biggest sanctioning body in the world. If you want to be succesful, are driven and competative, drop by and see what we can do for you. We have trained world champions.
We also support Hokushin iaido Shinoh Ryu. One of the six oldest iaido schools in Japan.
Iaido is the art of sword drawing and is very beneficial in bringing the mind and body into harmony. Tsuru Kai are proud to make martial arts safer with Coach Check.

Epping - Monday: 7pm-9pm

Thursday: 7pm-9pm

Epping primary school

Church street entrance

Sun: Closed

Misty Slope


Contact us

We’d be happy to provide you with additional information about individual courses and instructors at Tsuru Kai Martial Arts. Drop us a line and we will respond to your query.

Mail address. 36 Hammond Drive,  Epping VIC au 3076

0402166361 or 0419383880

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