February 2020

Epping News

Training is back in full swing at Epping dojo, the first week of school 2020 we hope you had a great school holiday.
Beginning with the first week of training we will be adding an additional class for you. Thursday nights at the same class time as Tuesday. Sempai Alby will run this class so look forward to some serious training.
So you now have three times a week to enhance your skills. Hope to see you there. Don't forget to tell all your friends and, if you see them, past members.
Gradings are coming up so practice hard and achieve your goals.
Don't forget the first I.S.K.A. event for the year is right here in our backyard March 15th at the Darebin community sports complex, Plenty road Reservoir. You must enter online at www.iska.com.au.
Or go to www.uventex.com to register.
I expect a full turnout of students at this tournament especially as we are promoting it.
We now offer you more ways to connect with your club. TEAM APP is another way to find out what's happening.
Download the app from the app store for android or ios, install and send me a message to request to join, i'll accept straight away then you can enjoy being connected in ways you never thought.
Try it, i'm sure you will benefit.
If you prefer to pay your fees by card, we can now do that.


36 Hammond Drive, Epping VIC  3076



0402 166 361 or 0419 383 880

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